Academic Organizations

·         African Studies Association (ASA): The leading academic organization encouraging an exchange of information about Africa; they award prizes in the field, publish the African Studies Review, and hold an annual conference.

·         Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH): One of the leading black history associations, formed by Carter G. Woodson; the organization publishes the Journal of African American History and holds an annual conference.

·         H-Africa: H-Africa is part of H-Net, an international scholarly online community centered around the humanities. Subscribers to H-Africa become part of the academic conversation in the field of African history.

·         H-AfroAm: Another H-Net forum, dedicated to discussion and news relating to the African American experience. Note that there are sub-forums on topics like West Africa, Slavery, African American Art, and more.

Nonprofit, Public, and Activist Organizations

·         Kentucky Center for African American Heritage (KCAAH): A historic preservation society working to showcase black history in Kentucky.

·         African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky: A nonprofit dedicated to collecting, preserving, and researching African American history in Kentucky.

·         Black Lives Matter: A chapter-based national activist organization formed in response to the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, which has gained increasing social and political attention.

·         Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ): SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals organizing White people for racial justice, with the nearest local chapter in Louisville.

Research Resources

The EKU African/African American Studies LibGuide is an excellent place to begin a research project in the field. It’s a specially-dedicated LibGuide on the library site, which highlights the best research resources the EKU library offers in the field, including databases and primary source collections. However, here are a few other research resources that might be helpful:

·         African Studies/History

o   Exploring Africa Curriculum, MSU: An excellent, general course on African history, including lesson plans and evaluation methods, free and available to the public.

o   African Studies Collection, UW-Madison: An open digital collection of primary and secondary sources related to the African continent.

o   African Voices Exhibit, Smithsonian: A digital exhibit of Africa’s past and cultural themes, accompanied by material and photographic primary sources.

o   African History, Internet Sourcebook: A collection of web resources on the African past, organized by time and subject.

·         African-American and African Diaspora Studies

o   African American Experience Database: Extensive database of information relating to the African American Experience. Note that you will need to sign in thru EKU library.

o   Historical African American Newspapers Available Online: A list of historical African American Newspapers available online. Browse by title, time period, or geographic area.

o   North American Slave Narratives: An enormous collection of autobiographical publications from slaves and former slaves up to 1920.

o   The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database: A digital, documented collection of the 35,000 slave ship voyages that comprised the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

·         AFA Librarian: Victoria Koger is the dedicated AFA librarian at EKU. If you need help finding library resources in the field, you can contact her at (203 Crabbe Library; 859-622-3054)

·         AFA Free Library: A collection of black-authored fiction located in the basement of the Miller building, which all members of the EKU community are welcome to “sign out” as needed. If you have any questions, contact Alix Heintzman at

News and Popular culture

·         The Root: A popular online source for news, opinion, gossip, and analysis related to the black experience in the US.

·         The Grio: An online news site and division of MSNBC dedicated to African American news, culture, and opinion.

·         AllAfrica: A news aggregate site compiling stories from over 140 separate African news organizations.

·         The Africa Report: A monthly news publication covering the continent’s recent news, culture, and politics.

·         BBC Africa: The BBC’s African news coverage, in both online and radio form.

Other Campus Resources and Programs

·         The Freshman Academy for Diverse Students

·         Journal of Retracing Africa (JORA)

·         University Diversity Office

·         EKU Cultural Center:

·         Scholarships at EKU